My Biography

Dani Brasil started his career as a DJ in early 2017 but his passion and dedication for music began many years before. Dani has travelled the world and has performed in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia, totaling over 20 countries and major cities such as New York City, Sydney, Singapore, Dubai and Shanghai.

His creative skills are not only noticed in his live sets but also on the musical production that he does. During the 2020 pandemic, Dani dedicated his time to learn music production. His remix of the Tina Turner cover “The Best” has entered the Top 10 charts worldwide in the 9th position and his original work “Stitches” with Nina Flowers reached #7.

With these two important achievements along with the rankings and sales of his other remixes, Dani has reached the #5 position worldwide as a music producer and #1 artist for his record label Queen House Music.



Official Podcasts created by Dani Brasil to promote events that he was invited to headline around the world. His music have added to 1 million SoundCloud plays so far. The entire discography for Dani Brasil including all his podcasts, mashups and personal tracks can be found in his official SoundCloud page.